Thursday, November 13, 2014

Newly published. Traditionalism: the only radicalism

Newly published. Traditionalism: the only radicalism. By John Dunn. Back in stock at Amazon.
A new mythos for modern heretics.
Extracts from the new book.

The dualism of mind and material world became manifest in the the separation of the economic sphere from the religious and moral sphere, leaving the individual at least notionally free to lead a parallel desacralised life, accumulating wealth in a way that would have been once abhorrent to the church and society at large in the pre-Reformation world. John Dunn new book. For a life led in pursuit of financial gain was considered sinful, and gain through usury, the lending of money for interest, the worst form of this avaricious sin.

The dualism was manifested too in political struggle, with an individual liberty, based on the claim that introspectively based judgements about one’s own mental states are infallible, underpinning the related philosophies of liberalism, Marxism and anarchism. 

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